Res Publica Group developed a multi-platform, multilingual advertising campaign for CountyCare, Cook County Health and Hospitals System’s Medicaid Health Plan. Faced with unprecedented competition, CountyCare had to distinguish and market itself amid a very confusing and competitive marketplace. In establishing a new brand voice for CountyCare, we helped grow the plan’s membership to over 180,000.
With the healthcare industry changing at a rapid pace and competition over membership increasing, Cook County Health and Hospitals System (CCHHS) proactively moved to elevate and promote its Medicaid managed care health plan. CountyCare, a result of the Affordable Care Act, represented an unprecedented opportunity for CCHHS – a safety net hospital for more than 180 years – to generate revenue for the care it delivers to those most in need, and thereby invest back into its mission, operations and facilities.

Res Publica Group’s goal was clear: help CountyCare retain and grow its membership. Building on audience-tested research, we developed messaging and creative concepts that could be translated across multiple platforms in multiple languages for diverse audiences. We translated the campaign into marketing materials and amplified the message through advertisements on bus shelters, billboards, CTA trains and radio.

Our efforts resulted in CountyCare membership exceeding expectations. What’s more, brand awareness and favorability among target audiences grew significantly – 17 percentage points and 13 percentage points, respectively. Our efforts have since expanded to include digital advertising, a new website and marketing programs designed to further retain and grow membership.